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Lalo Schifrin - Coogan’s Bluff - 2012 - CD

Intrada soundtrack celebration with Universal of 100 years of great cinema continues with world premiere release of top drawer Lalo Schifrin score for stylish police thriller. Eastwood takes break from his international success doing westerns with Sergio Leone, begins his legendary association with Donald Siegel in this exciting tale of Arizona deputy becoming fish out of water in big New York City, attempting to extradite prisoner back west. Lalo Schifrin scores with terrific meld of outdoor western theme trapped in tempo of urban big city bustle. Architecture of score is noteworthy: western thematic ideas launch, rhythms increase, then big city colors take over. As Coogan searches for prisoner, cool funky ideas play. Then suspense enters, ideas tighten. When action-filled climax arrives, Schifrin brings riveting chase music into spotlight, then finally wraps with return to main theme and dynamic flourish for final coda. Interestingly, for small handful of prints, film opens with Arizona locale, then as Coogan enters in speeding jeep, powerhouse low brass hammer out propulsive rhythmic motif built entirely of fortissimo major chords. Exciting idea! However, most prints (including video releases) drop exciting music altogether, introduce entirely different variant of main theme in subdued fashion, giving totally different feel to Coogan’s entrance. Intrada CD proudly presents ALL music Schifrin scored for both versions of movie, including several other unused sequences, delicious source cues plus 1968 radio spots specially composed by Schifrin. Every note of music recorded by composer appears in crisp, dynamic stereo from original ½” three-channel stereo session elements vaulted at Universal in beautiful condition. One of Schifrin’s most exciting early efforts available at last! Lalo Schifrin conducts. Intrada Special Collection release available as long as quantities and interest remain!

Produced by Douglass Fake

Label: Intrada Records

Collection: Intrada Special Collection Volume 223

Catalogue No. ISC Vol. 223

UPC: 720258522320

Release Date: 26/11/2012.

1. Arizona Desert - 1:12
2. Coogan's Wild Ride - 1:15
3. Capture The Chief - 0:49
4. Main Title (Part A) - 0:48
5. Main Title (Part B) - 2:40
6. The Big Apple - 1:22
7. Small Talk - 1:07
8. Song To Julie - 2:13
9. Five Minutes - 1:37
10. Getting Better - 3:26
11. Get Out - 2:49
12. Cartoon Background - 0:33
13. Wrong Number - 1:56
14. Beat Up - 1:31
15. Green Worms - 2:27
16. Tell Me About Arizona - 3:53
17. “Pigeon-Toed Orange Peel” - 4:30
18. “Everybody” - 2:52
19. “Coogan Raga & Pushie’s Pool” - 4:34
20. Looking For Jimbo - 1:00
21. Where’s Ringerman - 2:42
22. Ringerman’s Chas - 2:41
23. Ringerman’s Chase (Continued) - 1:31
24. End Title & End Cast - 0:50
Bonus Tracks
25. Main Title Part A (Version 1) (Unused) - 0:47
26. Main Title Part A (Version 2) (Unused) - 0:49
27. Song To Julie (Humming Version) - 1:15
28. Pushie's Pool (Unedited Version) - 0:59
29. Pool Room Source (Unused Version) - 0:41
30. Radio Spot I - 0:40
31. Radio Spot II - 0:35
32. Radio Spot III - 0:10

Lalo Schifrin - Bullitt (Complete Original Tracks) - 2009 - CD

FSM presents one of the most quintessentially “cool” soundtracks ever: Lalo Schifrin’s score for the classic urban crime drama, Bullitt (1968). The film stars Steve McQueen as San Francisco police detective Frank Bullitt, caught up with protecting a Chicago mobster from vengeful Mafia hit-men while dealing with an ambitious, sleazy politician portrayed by Robert Vaughn. With its riveting story, realistic settings, taut screenplay and quasi-documentary cinematography, it brought a new depth to McQueen’s portrayal of tough characters (this one on the right side of the law).

An essential part of the film’s success was its economical, nervous jazz score; the Argentinean-born, classically trained Schifrin was then at the height of the fame generated by his iconic Mission: Impossible television theme. The film is judiciously spotted, with relatively little “action” music (the famous car chase is unscored) but several atmospheric and evocative source cues. Schifrin himself described it as “very simple” and “completely based on the blues.”

Shortly after recording the film soundtrack, Schifrin led a separate recording for a Warner Bros. Records album. Jazz greats featured in those sessions include Bud Shank (flute), Ray Brown (bass), Howard Roberts (guitar) and Larry Bunker (drums). FSM presents the first U.S. release of that album on this CD, newly mixed by Mike Matessino from the original 1” eight-track master tape.

The CD also includes the never-before-released complete film soundtrack itself, recorded at the Warner Bros. scoring stage in Burbank by legendary engineer Dan Wallin. These tracks have been newly mixed and mastered from ½” three-track tape stored at the studio. While some score passages and cues are virtually identical to the record album, many of the film soundtrack’s softer, moodier cues were not chosen for the LP—or had certain passages rewritten. And some were dropped from the film itself, so have never been heard before by the public—until now.

The booklet includes a perceptive, in-depth essay on the film and its score by John Bender and detailed track-by-track commentary by Alexander Kaplan. Bullitt is an essential purchase for any “cool” soundtrack collection (or collector), and adds one more title to FSM’s expanding catalog of scores by a living legend of film music.

Reissue Produced by Lukas Kendall

Label: Film Score Monthly

Line: Silver Age

Catalogue No. FSM Vol. 12 No. 17

UPC: 638558027721

Release Date: 07/12/2009.

Music Composed and Conducted by Lalo Schifrin

Album Recording

1. Bullitt (Main Title) - 2:05
2. Room “26” - 2:24
3. Hotel Daniels - 2:50
4. The Aftermath of Love - 2:47
5. Music to Interrogate By - 2:48
6. On the Way to San Mateo - 2:38
7. Ice Pick Mike - 2:57
8. A Song for Cathy - 2:44
9. Shifting Gears - 3:14
10. Cantata for Combo - 3:03
11. The First Snowfall (Paul Francis Webster & Sonny Burke) - 3:05
12. Bullitt (End Title) - 2:42

Film Soundtrack

13. Main Title - 3:47
14. Architect’s Building - 1:28
15. Cantata for Combo - 3:03
16. A Song for Cathy - 2:02
17. Hotel Daniels (Radio Source) - 2:58
18. Room 26 (Radio Source) - 1:14
19. The Aftermath of Love (Radio Source) - 2:45
20. Dr. Willard - 0:54
21. Ice Pick Mike - 3:12
22. Quiet Morning - 2:33
23. Music to Interrogate By - 3:04
24. Just Coffee - 1:25
25. Shifting Gears - 3:15
26. On the Way to San Mateo - 1:24
27. The First Snowfall (Paul Francis Webster & Sonny Burke) - 3:27
28. Ross - 2:06
29. Air Terminal—Main Lobby - 2:32
30. End Credits - 0:31
31. Bullitt (Demo) - 3:06

Bill Evans Trio - Time Remembered - 1999 - CD

TIME REMEMBERED is an excellent and often overlooked Bill Evans recording from 1963 featuring drummer Larry Bunker and bassist Chuck Israels. While Evans’s groups often existed in the shadow of his famous trio with Scott Lafao and Paul Motian, this line-up is exceptional, and results in an excellent session full of gorgeous, telepathic interplay.

The set is peppered with standards, including “My Heart Stood Still,” “In A Sentimental Mood,” and “Lover Man,” yet Evans makes each his own, stretching out with the elegance and dexterity that have established him as a peerless legend of jazz piano. That Evans was able to sound relaxed and flowing yet meticulous and studied is one of his greatest strengths, and that quality is evident in spades on TIME REMEMBERED. The re-release features an expanded track list and remastered sound.

Personnel includes: Bill Evans (piano); Chuck Israels (bass); Larry Bunker (drums).

Recorded in April 1962 and May 1963.

Produced by: Orrin Keepnews

Label: Milestone Records

Catalogue No: MCD 47083

UPC: 025218478328

Release Date: 02/11/1999.

1. Danny Boy - 10:37
2. Like Someone in Love - 6:25
3. In Your Own Sweet Way - 2:54
4. Easy to Love - 4:40
5. Some Other Time - 6:09
6. Lover Man (Oh, Where Can You Be) - 5:05
7. Who Cares? - 5:22
8. What Is This Thing Called Love? - 5:48
9. How About You? - 4:04
10. Everything Happens to Me - 4:46
11. In a Sentimental Mood - 4:23
12. My Heart Stood Still - 4:33
13. Time Remembered - 5:37

Bill Evans Trio - Trio ’65 - 1993 - CD

This aptly titled 1965 Verve date from jazz luminary Bill Evans may feature eight numbers that were all previously recorded at one time or another, but this time around he’s accompanied by bassist Chuck Israels and drummer Larry Bunker, who were members of his regular working trio at the time, and it makes a world of difference. Together they offer up definitive takes on half of the set including “Israel,” “How My Heart Sings,” “Who Can I Turn To,” and “If You Could See Me Now,” all captured seamlessly by producer Creed Taylor.

Recorded: February 3, 1965 in New York

Produced by Creed Taylor

Engineered by Rudy Van Gelder

Cover Photo by Fred Selingo

Cover Design by Acy R. Lehman

Liner notes by Don Nelsen

Label: Verve Records

Catalogue No. V6-8613 CD

UPC: 7 31451 98082 4

Release Date: 19/10/1993.

1. Israel - 4:45
2. Elsa - 4:17
3. ’Round Midnigh - 6:38
4. Our Love Is Here To Stay - 3:59
5. How My Heart Sings - 2:47
6. Who Can I Turn To? - 4:50
7. Come Rain or Come Shine - 5:23
8. If You Could See Me Now - 4:46

Bill Evans Trio - At Shelly’s Manne-Hole, Hollywood, California - 1989 - CD

This is the last album Bill Evans made for his first label. That fact alone would give this at least historical significance. There is surely also some importance to its being one of only two occasions on which the pianist was recorded for Riverside during “live” performance (the other, of course, resulted in the classic pair of Village Vanguard albums). But above all, these two nights at Shelly Manne’s club in Hollywood marked the only recording by the excellent but short-term third trio. After the death of Scott LaFaro, bassist Chuck Israels joined Bill and Paul Motian Then in 1963 Los Angeles studio-stalwart drummer Larry Bunker made this brief but noteworthy contribution to the Evans legend.

Recorded in LA: May 14th and 19th, 1963.

Produced by Orrin Keepnews

Digitally Remastered by Phil De Lancie (1989 Fantasy Studios, Berkeley, California)

Liner notes by Chuck Israels and Orrin Keepnews

Label: Original Jazz Classics/Riverside

Catalogue No. OJCCD 263-2

UPC: 025218626323

Release Date: 07/04/1989.

1. Isn’t It Romantic? - 4:34
2. The Boy Next Door - 5:14
3. Wonder Why - 5:05
4. Swedish Pastry - 5:35
5. Our Love Is Here To Stay - 4:41
6. ’Round Midnight - 8:50
7. Stella By Starlight - 4:50
8. Blues in “F” - 5:05



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